Inspiroy Dial 2
Driver Setting

1. Device

You can view the information of the firmware, the connected product, sleep time, and Device Diagnosis here. You can also move the bar to adjust the brightness of smart LCD screen on the top left of your tablet.  


2. Backup

The Driver can import and export your custom settings, which helps to avoid repeated settings when launching a different program.


3. General Setting

[1] Language: Click the drop-down menu to select a language.
[2] Color: You can select the color of the Driver interface among Dark, Blue, and Light according to your preference.
[3]Start Menu: Click to enable or disable “Auto-Start”, “New Message Alert”, “Automatic Updates”, “Low Battery Warning”, and “Sedentary Reminder”.

[4]Sedentary Reminder: After 2 hours of working with Inspiroy Dial 2, a pop-up notification will appear on the bottom of the monitor, reminding you to get out of your chair and have a rest. 

[5]Low Battery Notification: A pop-out notification with a low battery icon will show up if the battery of Inspiroy Dial 2 is less than 20%. This notification is activated by default. If you want to stop it from appearing again, you can cancel it in the Settings. 

[6]Hotkey: You can set a hotkey to call out the Driver interface quickly according to your usage habits.

4. About

Users can check the Driver version here. Click “Check for Updates” to find the latest Driver version and then follow the prompts to update the Driver if needed.