Inspiroy Dial 2

The pen tablet cannot sense the pen pressure while the cursor can move.

You may have installed other drivers or run the drawing software when installing the driver. Please uninstall all the drivers, close the drawing software, and then reinstall the Huion driver. It's suggested to restart your computer after finishing the installation. Besides if the application is not compatible with the driver or does not support pressure sensitivity, there will also be no pressure sensitivity in this application. 

The digital pen does not work.

1. Make sure you are using the pen that originally came with your tablet.
2. Make sure you installed the driver correctly.

The press key does not work.

1. Make sure the Press Keys function were enabled in the driver.
2. Make sure you have correctly defined the Press Keys.

The computer cannot enter sleep mode.

Please do not place the digital pen on the working area of the pen tablet when you are not using it, otherwise the computer will not be able to enter sleeping mode.

The press key of the digital pen does not work.

The press keys of the digital pen will not work when the vertical distance between the pen nib and the tablet is over 10mm. If the vertical distance is within 10mm and the pen press key does not work, please check whether the driver works well and whether you have assigned functions to the two keys correctly or not. Then if the keys still do not work, maybe your pen is broken and you can contact our service team as long as the pen is under warranty.

The computer cannot recognize the pen table.

Please check whether the USB port of your computer functions well. If not, please try another USB port. 

The Failed to connect Inspiroy Dial 2 to other device and “Device Disconnected” appears.

Please restart your computer or driver; make sure the USB port and USB-C cable work well; unplug the USB cable and plug it again; try another USB port; download and reinstall the latest driver; please whitelist the driver on macOS devices. 

If your problem is not resolved, please clickFAQsto view more troubleshooting methods or email us(