Inspiroy Dial 2
How to Use the Digital Pen

Hold the Pen:

Hold the digital pen as you hold a real pen. Adjust your grip so that you can toggle the pen press keys easily with your thumb or index finger. Be careful not to accidentally press the key while drawing with the pen. 

Note: Please place the pen on the table when it is not in use. Do not put the pen on the pen tablet, otherwise it may interfere with the function of the mouse and other devices, and it may also prevent your computer from entering sleeping mode.

Cursor Movement:

Move the pen slightly above the working area of the tablet without touching the surface of pen tablet, and the cursor on the screen will move to the new position accordingly. 


Tap on the pen display with the pen to register a click. Press lightly to highlight or select an item on the screen and double-click to open it.


Pick up a file or icon, then slide the pen nib across the display to move it.

Use the Pen Press Keys:

There are two press keys on the digital pen, whose functions can be programmed on the driver interface. The press keys on the pen will work as long as the vertical distance between the pen nib and the tablet is within 10mm. 

Replace the Pen Nib:

Tip: When the pen nib is badly worn, please replace it with a new pen nib timely.   

1. Rotate the pen holder counterclockwise and take out a replacement nib.  

2. Tilt the pen, and pull the nib out of the pen through a nib clip.

3. Insert the replacement nib straight into the barrel of the pen until the nib stops moving forward.