Kamvas RDS-220
Pen Display Setting

Working Area

Select the Working Area tab to adjust the ratio of the distance of pen movement on the pen display to that of the corresponding cursor movement on the monitor. By default, the entire active area of the pen display maps to the whole monitor. 

If more than one monitor is in use and they are in extended mode, users need to choose one that will be mapped to on the driver interface and the other one as the external display.

In mirror mode (All monitors display the same content), the pen display maps to the entire screen on each monitor and cursors displayed on them move simultaneously. 

1. Working Area Setting

Define the pen display area that will be mapped to the monitor. Three modes on the driver can be chosen:

[1] Full Area: The entire active area of the pen display will be mapped to the monitor. It is the default setting.

[2]  Screen Ratio: The ratio of the active pen display area depends on that of the display device. In Screen Ratio mode, these two ratios keep the same. For example, if you choose the screen ratio and draw a circle on the pen display, then a circle appears on the monitor that has been connected to the pen display, in this case some parts of the pen display may not work. But if you don’t choose the screen ratio and draw a circle, then the circle may change into an oval on the monitor.

[3] Custom Area:

1> Enter coordinate values.

2> Users can adjust the working area of the pen display by changing the outlines of the smaller rectangle (see picture 1). Users can also drag the two blue rectangles to select the active areas of the digital pen on the screen and the pen tablet. (see picture 2 and 3).

1660554630999787.png                                                                                                                         Picture 11660554679758889.png                                                                                                                         Picture 21660554716944236.png                                                                                                                         Picture 3

2. Rotate Working Area

Both left-handed and right-handed users can freely use the pen display because it can be rotated by 0°, 90°, 180°or 270°.


3. Calibrate Your Pen Display

Click Monitor Calibration tab and follow the instructions to calibrate your pen display.
Please use the digital pen to click on the center red dot of the cross in a common pen-holding posture. You can cancel Calibration and restore default.