Kamvas RDS-220

How to Install the Driver on Windows Device


① Before installing the driver, please close all graphic software and antivirus programs. The note (“HuionTabletCore.exe” failed to launch!) below appears only on devices with Windows OS, indicating that the driver is blocked by antivirus programs or drawing applications.

② Please make sure your computer operating system is Windows 7 or later. 

③ Open the driver and a picture of Kamvas RDS-220 will appear, indicating that the pen display is successfully connected to your computer. Now you can use your pen display.

④ If the connection fails, please restart the driver or your computer.

Note: The pen display cannot work once the driver is uninstalled or deleted. In this case please click Driver-Kamvas RDS-220 to reinstall a driver, and your pen display and digital pen will restore to their default settings. 

Driver Installation

1. Connect the pen display to your computer. 

2. Choose the correct driver for your device from our website: Driver-Kamvas RDS-220.

3. Click Driver-Kamvas RDS-220 to download it. 

4. Double-click the driver and click “OK” to proceed.

5. Check the box to agree with the User Agreement and click “Install Now”.
6. After the installation has been completed, click on “Try it now”.
7. A picture of Kamvas RDS-220 will appear on the driver interface to indicate a successful connection. Now you can use your pen display.