Kamvas RDS-220
Driver Setting

1. Device

You can view the information of the firmware and the connected product here.

Display Settings

Scene Mode: “Standard Mode”, “Gaming Mode”, “Movie Mode”, and “USER” to be chosen.

Brightness: Users can drag the corresponding slider to adjust the brightness. 

Contrast Ratio: Users can drag the corresponding slider to adjust the contrast ratio. 
Saturation:Users can drag the corresponding slider to adjust the saturation.

Color Setting:“Color Temperature”and“Color Space”.

Color Temperature: “6500K”,“9300K”, “Custom Color” mode to be chosen. In “Custom Color” mode, users can change the color temperature by adjusting the RGB value.

Color Space:“Native”,“sRGB”, “AdobeRGB” mode to be chosen.

Note: For macOS users, the Display Setting is accessible only when a full-featured USB-C cable is used for the connection. If you need to change the display setting, please use a full-featured USB-C cable to connect your device. 


2. Backup

The Driver can import and export your custom settings, which helps to avoid repeated settings when launching a different program.

3. General Setting

Language: Click the drop-down button to select a language.

Color: You can select the color of the Driver interface among Dark, Blue, and Light according to your preference.

Start Menu: Click to enable or disable “Auto-Start”, “New Message Alert”, “Automatic Updates”, and “Share diagnostic and usage data”.

Hotkey: You can set a hotkey to call up the Driver interface quickly according to your usage habits.


4. About

Users can check the Driver version number here. Click Check for Updates to view the latest Driver version and then follow the prompts to update the Driver if needed.